Advanced Paralegal Service of WNC
Advanced Paralegal Service of WNC

Advanced Paralegal Service of WNC

Advanced Paralegal Service of WNC was founded by Brian Richardson who brings  years of paralegal  experience to you.

                         Brian Richardson's Qualifications:

     Brian grew up in Arden, North Carolina where he attended T.C. Roberson high school. At age 19, he left to go and serve 8 years in the U.S. Army, where over the course of his military career he earned several awards for his service to this country. During his enlistment in the Army, He served in an infantry unit. During this time, he earned his Airborne and Ranger tabs. Brian received an honorable discharge in the summer of 2003. During his military service, he worked hard as a team player, learned complex problem solving skills, how to strategize, recognize the big picture, and work hard under pressure. These tools have helped him to be successful in all his endeavors.


   In 2002, Brian attended Gulf Coast Community College in Panama City Beach, Florida where he studied Computer Engineering, and earned his certifications as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer™, and a Cisco Certified Network Professional™. During this time, he opened Full Moon Technologies where he specialized in network security, network repairs, and network installations. Using his problem- solving skills, Brian successfully assisted his clients in securing and building their networks. He sold the company to his business partner, after making the decision to pursue a career in the law. 


     In 2009, Brian earned his Paralegal Certificate from Blackstone. In 2011 he went back to Blackstone, and earned certificates specializing in both Civil Law, and Criminal Law and Procedure.


    While studying for his paralegal certificates, and working in the legal field, Brian quickly discovered that he had both an aptitude and a love for everything legal. He continues to keep up to date on the changes in technology, computer security, and the latest legal decisions.


   Brian has worked as a paralegal on a multitude of cases over the years, in both State and Federal courts in all fifty states. He takes great pride in his work product, and he thoroughly enjoys working on legal issues. 

     Brian is an active member of the Rutherford County Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES). He currently holds a technician class amateur radio license.

   Brian enjoys meeting new people on the radio, and in person. He also enjoys hiking, fishing, camping, and studying the law.


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