Advanced Paralegal Service of WNC
Advanced Paralegal Service of WNC

Full-time paralegals vs Advanced Paralegal Service Cost Evaluation chart:



Staff Paralegal

APSWNC Paralegal

Work week

40 hrs./wk.

40 hrs./wk.

Base Salary

$68,674 per year

$69,120 per year




Social Security















Vacation/Sick Leave



Total Compensation





Your savings are $30,000 per year, or $2,500 Per month by hiring Advanced Paralegal Service!

   These cost savings only deal with wages, what about the other costs that you incur with having an employee in your office? When your employees are on the clock what is it that you are really paying for? Are your employees socializing with one another, conducting personal business on your time, surfing the web, leaving early, using social networking,  and taking personal calls?
   When you hire Advanced Paralegal Service, you can count on us to save you time and money. It is our job to get your projects in your hand in a timely and efficient manner. So, all we have time for is you! After all, we want you to be successful, because When you succeed we succeed with you!

*Rates based on


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